Mad Music Presents First Ever Thoroughbred Music Festival

Aiken, SC--<April 25, 2015> ---Eleven bands from the southeastern United States will come together on June 27th and 28th at the Stable View equestrian center to perform for charity in a music show that producers hope will become an annual event.  Local music producers and syndicated radio show programmers at Mad Music Productions are working with regional charities to increase awareness and raise money for the areas disadvantaged, as well as, animal rescue and rehabilitation programs in the region.  Proceeds for this event will benefit:  Star Riding, a therapeutic and recreational riding program in Aiken, PAWS, a local animal welfare organization and ACTS of Aiken, a local multi-denominational mission serving those people who may be going through a tough time in the greater Aiken area. 

“The idea behind this was simply to bring people in the area together for two days,” says Rob Penland, music producer and radio show host.  “When people come together magic happens.  We're all indoors too much.  We don't see the people that are hurting in our community or what wonderful people, wildlife, and beauty we have around us each day.  Music is a way to celebrate life and to get back in touch with that powerful creative aspect within ourselves.”

Scheduled for June 27 & 28 2015, Thoroughbred Fest will be the first of its kind in Aiken, and for Mad Music, hopefully not the last.  Eleven bands are scheduled over the two day period.  Headlining the event are singer-songwriter Devon Allman of Honeytribe and Royal Southern Brotherhood and Texas indie powerhouse Carrie Rodriguez. South Carolina favorites Danielle Howle, The High Divers, Morgan's Road and Rik Cribb and the Problems augment the bill and Elijah Ocean (LA), 2/3 Goat (New York), Greye (Daytona Beach), Manmade Mountains (Athens GA) and Zombie Garden Club (Nashville) will round out the event.

“Our thoughts whenever we start a new venture is to make it about the community, not ourselves,” Penland tell us.  “Vanity projects have never been our forte.  We simply like good music.  We know others in our area feel the same which is why we're producing this event, but at the same time we hope it feels more like a collaboration.” In addition to the music, artists and craftsmen from all over will be in attendance to exhibit and sell their wares.

Pairing music with charity has always been a formula for success.  Good music and a way to help the community are both powerful draws, and when you pair them, people are able to come together in a powerful and significant way.  Over the course of the two days, festival goers will have the opportunity to learn more about those in their area who need their help and contribute to solving their problems, while also supporting local bands and hearing some really good music. Tickets for the event go on sale on April 15.

“At the end of the day it's still a concert,” says Penland. “To paraphrase the great Chet Powers, it’s time for everybody in Aiken to get together and show some love for one another.  Right now.”
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