November 17

John and Yoko’s “Double Fantasy” was released today in 1980

“Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs” by Derek and the Dominos was released today in 1970


Gordon Lightfoot was born today in 1938


Jeff Buckley was born on this day in 1966


Soul singer Jimmy Ruffin died on this day in 2014 at age 78


Today in 1990, David Crosby had a motorcycle accident where he broke his shoulder, left leg, and ankle


On this night in 1970, Elton John played live in a recording studio which would eventually become his first live album 17-11-70 (11-17-70 in the U.S.)


Remembering the birthday today of Gene Clark (The Byrds) in 1944


Tommy Bolin’s “Teaser” was released today in 1975



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