August 1


Jerry “Captain Trips” Garcia was born on this day in 1942-


Rock guitar virtuoso Tommy Bolin (James Gang, Deep Purple) was born on this day in 1951-


Today in 1963, the first 'Beatles Monthly' was published. A magazine devoted to the group, it continued for 77 editions until 1969 and at its peak was selling over 350,000 copies a month.-


On this day in 1971, The Concert For Bangladesh, organized by George Harrison took place at New York's Madison Square Garden-


Today in 1987, Eurythmics Dave Stewart married Bananarama founding member Siobham Fahey-


Today in 1981, MTV launches in the US with its 24 hour a day music video format-


The late Boz Burrell, (Bad Company & King Crimson) was born today in 1946-


Robert Cray is 69 today-


Adam Duritz, (Counting Crows) turns 58 today-


The late Robert Buck of 10,000 Maniacs was born on this day in 1958-


Dhani Harrison was born on this day in 1978



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