June 16

Remembering Tupac Shakur, Born on this day in 1971, he died from bullet wounds on September 13th 1996

Today in 1982, Pretenders guitarist James Honeyman-Scott died following sustained cocaine and heroin addiction

On this day in 1994, Kristen Pfaff (Hole) was found dead in her bathtub due to a heroin overdose. She was 27

Today in 1999, Screaming Lord Sutch was found dead after hanging himself. The singer turned politician was 58

Today in 2007, Rod Stewart married Penny Lancaster on the Italian Riviera

The first Monterrey International Pop Festival began today in 1967. The lineup included Janis Joplin, The Who, Otis Redding, Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix

Lamont Dozier, part of the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland was born on this day in 1941


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