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March 4

  Today in 1989, Time Inc. and Warner Communications merge into Time Warner, creating the world's largest media company...   Today in 1986, after a show with The Band in FL, 41 year old Richard Manuel hung himself from a shower curtain rod in his hotel room...   Today in 1994, Kurt Cobain was in a coma for 20 hours due to an overdose of pills and alcohol. Internet rumors claimed Kurt was dead. A month later, he would be...   Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi known best for his violin concertos ‘The Four Seasons’ was born on this date in 1678...   The late Bobby Womack was born on this day in 1944...   Chris Squire (Yes) was born on this day in 1948...   Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was born on this day in 1993  

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